What We do

Helping people with Dis-abilys get around

What to Go Out ?

Just because you have challenges in life it does not mean you can't go out. The type of places our customers like to go out to are:

Garden Centres, Pubs for Lunch, Take the gran kids to Harry Potter Studios. Shopping centres in and outside the M25. Just ask and we will sort it for you.

Our Taxi,s

Employee #1

Mercs 6 seaters.

We have these lovely Merc vito 6 seater Taxis . We can have One Wheelchair and 4 Passengers in them

Employee #2


Wheelchairs are loaded from the side passenger door H 123 cms wide 93 cms.  We wheel the customer in and turn the chair so your looking backwards. We them apply a passenger seat belt and then wheelchair seat belt. Don't forget the brakes. I also have chest straps for those that need them. Off we go

Employee #3


We have many years of collecting and delivering our cutters and there luggage and goods to all the major airports and even the small ones like Elstree. If you or your client are bring in goods that require customs clearance then we can help there too.

Employee #4

In the club ( Expecting a baby )

If you are expecting the sounds of little feet then you will need a Friendly taxi and driver to may be go Shopping or on a rainy day collect you from shops or the school.

This is a hard trying for you ladies and we are here to Help jus give us a call